Being different

 Not all training companies are the same.


We are proud of the unique services we offer and continually look for ways to expand the value we give to our clients.

Free newsletter

STYLIANIDES NLP TRAINIER CYPRUSOur monthly newsletter includes three or four topics that typically cover topics such as: communication skills for managers, managing time, assertiveness, interviewing, conflict management, sales and negotiation, leadership, presentation skills and more.

If you would like to be included on our list please subscribe to our newsletter.

Guaranteed courses

thinkbox nlp certification cyprusImagine this. After much deliberation you finally decide on a suitable course. You book it, pay for your travel and make told everyone you will be away for that day. Then the training company calls you the day before and tell you that they have had to cancel it due to lack of numbers. Frustrating isn’t it? Not any more. We guarantee that once we have your confirmed booking it will not be cancelled under any circumstances. We believe your peace of mind should also be included in the whole package.

Course workbooks

thinkbox ltd cyprus workshopsWe pride ourselves on producing high quality, cost-effective training courses.


Each course comes with a course manual that doubles as a post course workbook and action plan.


We always encourage delegates to share relevant learning points with their colleagues.

Discount for multiple bookings

thinkbox stylianidesVery few organisations have unlimited funds for training.


We often work with organisations to find creative ways of stretching tight budgets to produce meaningful training programmes.


Not only are we highly competitive but we also offer discounts for organisations requiring mid to long term training solutions.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we may help you.

Bespoke courses

thinkbox bespoke workshops cyprusOur aim is to produce in-company courses that satisfy the needs of both the organisation and the course delegates.


We work closely with course organisers on the most appropriate choices for course topics/agendas so that the course they book is the course that will best satisfy their needs.

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